A person might be writing for a while but still unsure if he/she writes effectively. Without knowing the various factors in identifying the effectiveness of a particular text is devastating, it is more likely to result in an output that bit around the bush, disorganized, and no point.

Below are some of the principles of effective writing that will help anyone to write effectively.


An introduction is a lead or shall we call it as attention-getters. It is the first statement that aims to hook the readers. There are several ways to have a compelling lead. It can be through the use of a provocative rhetorical question, statistics, startling statement, quotation, anecdote, humor, or analogy. A transitional statement or the statements that link the lead to the thesis statement, then, follow. Frequently, the transitional statements give background on the topic. The last part of the introduction is the thesis statement that states the main idea or argument.

Transitional Paragraph

In some cases, a paragraph which does not directly support a thesis statement is included in an essay to bridge one paragraph to another.


It is common to hear that the body of the write-up is the meat of the writing work. The body of the essay discusses the thesis statement in detailed through the paragraphs. The topic is developed, and arguments are laid out and discussed.


The concluding paragraph is the last paragraph of an essay. It begins with a restatement of the thesis statement through the use of different wordings and structures to uphold the language style. Moreover, a transitional statement also follows this part that talks about recommendations, benefits of the presented ideas, and the purpose of writing. Finally, a closing statement wrap-up the essay. One of the strategies for ending the piece with a bang is to link it to the attention-getter found in the introduction.

These principles are just some of the various factors to consider in identifying the effectiveness of a particular text. Just remember that it is necessary to have the three crucial parts: introduction; body; and conclusion. Having these three in mind will help a person writes effectively. Check out some tips to improve writing. 

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