Description of Task

Conduct research and prepare a critical essay on the topic statement below:

“To improve employees’ job performance, managers should boost employees’ motivation.”

Research, Analysis, and Interpretation

The essay task requires to critically evaluate the topic statement, discussing the arguments for and against the statement.

To “critically evaluate” means to offer own judgment as to what extent a theory, statement or proposition is realistic or true, discussing both the limitations and benefits.

The judgment should be based on the research evidence or research findings and should include arguments and evidence for and against.

The quality of sources of information is also assessed on how well these resources were used to support the arguments and referencing skills.

There is a required number of sources. At least eight (8) different academic sources, of which at least six (6) should be from scholarly journal articles.

Harvard referencing style is used to acknowledge your sources of information (both in-text and as a reference list at the end).

Other Considerations

Referencing, Essay Writing and Written Presentation Requirements

Essay structure: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion

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