Our General Business Writing Services

General Business

General business refers to any paper writing for business purposes that are not found in other business writing categories under our business writing services.

Business Plan

A business plan refers to a broad factual description of a particular company and its prospects that document one’s vision for the business; how to achieve that vision; financial projections of how much the business will cost to develop and operate; and an estimate of the revenues to be generated.

Business Letter

A business letter is a letter written in formal language, usually used when writing from one business organization to another, or for correspondence between such agencies and their customers, clients and other external parties. The overall style of the letter will depend on the relationship between the parties concerned.

Business Email

A business email is an email use for business purposes. It usually contains the business email address, company name and within it include such as writingmaster18@gmail.com. It is a professional way of sending a business email that will serve as a form of advertising since the business name is visible in every communication.

Business Report

A business report is a type of written report that analyzes a situation which can be a real business situation or a study and apply different business theories to produce a range of suggestions to improve a situation.


A Memorandum or memo is used as a means of communication or to outline the terms of an agreement. In its draft stage, a person uses an informally written brief, record, note, reminder, or a summary.


A proposal is a type of document that offers a solution to any problem or a course of action that responds to the needs. As a form of persuasive writing, proposals attempt to convince the recipient to act following the writer’s intent and includes such as examples of internal plans.


An article refers to a piece of writing that is usually intended for publication in a newspaper, journal, magazine, website, and blog. It is written for a broad range of audience that is why it is essential to attract and retain the reader’s attention. It may include amusing stories, descriptions, and reported speech which can be formal or informal depending on the target audience.

SEO Writing

SEO writing refers to Search Engine Optimization writing. It is writing with a focus on grabbing the attention of the Search Engines through the use of specific targeted words or phrases, commonly as called “keyword” or “keyword phrases” and using these in a particular way. SEO writing is essential for websites to draw people searching for certain things to your website.

Ad Copy

An Ad copy is a term used to refer to the main text of a clickable advertisement, whether contextual or a per click ads. The text of the Ad copy is usually the second and third lines of the Ad that displayed on the search engine results page or other web pages and is in between the title and the URL display.

Web Copy

A copy is a text used to sell. A website copy refers to the core text that guides people through the website and tells them things that they need to know. It is what is found on the home page, about page, products and services page, and all other main pages of the websites. Web copy is copywriting for the web. It merely means that it can also apply to the text found in the sponsored posts such as Facebook ads and Email newsletters.

Web Content

Web content is a generic term used to mean any types of writing found on the websites such as copy, blog posts, product descriptions, and others. Web content is used to attract people to the business, to market a business than just an outright sale. Web content is for content marketing. The goal is not to shift the product but to get people to invest in your brand so that they will end up buying.


A resume is a compilation of education, work experience, accomplishments, and other credentials. Most professional positions require an applicant to submit a resume as well as a cover letter as part of the application process. In many cases, the resume is the first of the documents in which the hiring manager will look after in reviewing the application.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

A CV or curriculum vitae differs primarily from the resume in length, inclusions, and uses. Although both resume and curriculum vitae are used in job applications, they are not always interchangeable. A curriculum vitae provides a summary and one’s experiences and skills. Usually, a CV is longer than a resume. A CV includes information about one’s academic background, experiences, degrees, awards, research, publications, presentations, and other achievements.

Cover Letter

A cover letter is written to highlight your qualifications for the job. Employers use the cover letter to get additional information about why you are a good fit for the job. The primary function of a cover letter is to show that your qualification perfectly matches the position. A cover letter includes the salutation, several paragraphs, and a closing.


An E-book or “electronic book” is a book publication available in digital form. It consists of text, images, or both. It is readable for flat-panel display of the computers and other electronic devices.