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What is Literature Review?

The literature review discusses published information about a particular subject area, sometimes information in a specific subject area within a period. A review can just be a simple summary of the sources but has the organizational pattern and combines summary as well as synthesis. A summary is a recapitulation of the significant information of the references while synthesis is a re-organization of a reshuffling of the information. It may give a new interpretation of the old materials or combine the new to the past interpretations or may trace an intellectual progression of the field that includes primary debates. Depending upon the situations, the literature review may also evaluate the sources and give advice to the reader on the most pertinent and relevant.

A literature review is different from academic research paper because a research paper focuses on developing a new argument that contains a literature review as one of its parts. Its primary focus is to use literature as a foundation and support for new insights while the focus of literature review is to summarize and synthesize the arguments and ideas of other people without adding new contributions.


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