At Writing Master Services Company, we take pride in balancing high-quality writing with very affordable prices. We always work hard to keep the costs down, but we also work hard to attract the writer experts to create the sorts of writing needs our clients require. Our experts need to be proficient in a specific field. The prices that we charge for our writing service cover only the writing of your paper and research conducted if any. We work very hard to ensure high-quality writing beyond your expectations.

Customization of Privacy Policy

At Writing Master, we enjoy the right to change or alter our custom privacy policy at whatever time or at whatever point it needs changes to improve it and make it beneficial for our precious clients. In this way, our clients are advised to keep going through our privacy policy page from time to time to stay up–to–date about the progressions in a privacy policy.  

Web Browsing

When a guest or a client visits our site, our auto-created framework coordinated automatically identifies and save some of the information such as the IP address, time & date of visit, web browser used and some data regarding the working framework with the assistance of which client gets to our site. Accordingly, this record-keeping helps us to stay up progressive regarding the visitors that are coming on our website frequently and help us in enhancing our visitor management skills.

Personal Information

The primary question that revolves in the mind of our clients is “Is my personal information safe in this writing company”? Through our privacy policy, we assure you that all your personal information will be kept secure so that no one can have access to it. This personal information that is provided by you at the time of making an order includes your email id, name, contact number, credit card number and any other information that is necessary. We need this information to keep a record of our clients, and we accept that it is our responsibility that no one makes illegal use of it. So, no need to worry about your personal information because we have provided guarantee through our privacy policy regarding confidentiality and security.

Visitor’s Data

We have a policy of gathering information on different occasions such as when somebody visits our website, is getting registered or is placing their order. This information consists of the name of the customer, credit card, email id, country, phone numbers, and other information. It is significant for us to gather this information because it provides us the opportunity to know about our customers and we can inform them about any offers made by us. Therefore, we have made it a part of our policy and provides a guarantee that all the information is only used with the intention of processing the order quickly. It even assists us in making our website more efficient as we come to know about the flaws on our site.