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What is a Research?

A Research is a systematic inquiry that describes, explains, predicts, and controls the observed phenomenon. Research involves both inductive and deductive methods. Inductive methods analyze the phenomenon observed and identifies the general principles, structures, and processes underlying an observed phenomenon. On the other hand, the deductive methods verify the hypothesis an/or hypothesized principles employing observations. These two have a different purpose. The first is to develop an explanation while the second one is to test the validity of the explanations.

Paying attention to research is significant. The heart of the research is not in the statistics but the thinking behind the study. It is how to find out, how to build arguments regarding the ideas and concepts, and most importantly the evidence to support the people to accept the arguments.

Four Basic Types of Research that contributed to Education

First is Description. The results of the study is a natural or social phenomenon like its form, activity, structure, change over time, and relationship to other phenomena. The descriptive functions of research lie on the instrument for measurement as well as observations. The detailed research results in an understanding of what happens, sometimes, it produces statistical information about the aspects of education.

The second is Prediction. Prediction research predicts a phenomenon that will happen at a time Y from the information at an earlier time X. In educational research, the researchers engage in acquiring knowledge about the factors that predict the success of the students in school as well as in the world of work. Moreover, it identifies students who are likely to be successful or unsuccessful to develop and institute a prevention program.

The third one is Improvement. It is the type of research that concerns about the effectiveness of a specific intervention. The approach for research includes experimental and evaluation design.

Lastly, the Explanation research. This type subsumes the other three categories. If a researcher can explain a particular educational phenomenon, it means that he/she can describe, predict its consequence, and know how to intervene to change the result.


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