Our Transcription Writing Services

Verbatim Transcription

Verbatim Transcripts refer to the format that includes every single word or line mumbled and spoken by the speaker. Verbatim Transcription is an accurate transcription of everything that the speaker utters. It requires transcribing even half sentences and phrases that are spoken in the media recording.

Edited Transcription

Edited Transcript is a type of transcription in which the transcriber can omit sentences while transcribing without changing the sense of the recording. In this type, it takes a lot of understanding from the part of the transcriber to understand the clutter and makes sense.

Intelligent Transcription

An Intelligent Transcript is a transcript that makes pure sense and smart transcription types. The intelligent transcription format does not include the pauses sounds such as hmmn, know, got it, kinda, ahaa! you know, etc. Since these words add no value to the content, these do not need to be mentioned.